One of the best golf places in Europe.

Thanks to its first-class facilities designed by world-famous golf architects and its golf course varieties, Belek is the right address for golf fans.



2011 IGTM International Golf Tourism Exhibition

2012 World Amateur Golfers Championship

Turkish Airlines World Finals 2012

2013 European Ladies Golf Tournament - Turkish Airlines Ladies Open

The Turkish Airlines Open

2019 Sebahat Özaltın Ladies Golf Tournament Draws to a Close

Golf Lovers Gathered in Antalya to Commemorate Nuri Özaltın 2019

15th July Golf Tournament in Belek

MVK International Turkish Amateur Open Championship 2019

Turkish Airlines Open 2019


Colossal Facilities at World Standards

As a global golf destination, Belek offers a chance of playing golf throughout the year with 10 golf clubs and 15 golf courses at international standards. 500 thousand rounds of golf are played in a year in Belek which has the first illuminated golf course in Europe.

Philosophy of Golf A Centuries-Old Noble Passion: Golf
One of the oldest games in the world called as the game of the nobles, golf is the only sport that can be played alone without a partner in which you compete with the court. DISCOVER