Golf Lovers Gathered in Antalya to Commemorate Nuri Özaltın 2019

Winners of “Nuri Özaltın Memorial Golf Trophy”, held in the memory of late Nuri Özaltın, who had endeavored to promote golf in Turkey, were awarded. Organized for the third time, the annual tournament brought together 194 golfers from seven countries. 

Gloria Hotels & Resorts continues to thrive in its 22nd anniversary in tourism with full support to sports. This year, golf lovers gathered for the third time in Belek, Antalya to commemorate the late Nuri Özaltın, one of the most respectable figures in the tourism industry and also known for his valuable support for sports and sports fans.
A variety of activities from individual tournaments to a gala dinner, workshops and golf-talks took place during the week-long event. On the last day of the tournament, British golfer Steve Brooks who was the winner of the tournament received the “Nuri Özaltın Honor Award” from Sebahat Özaltın, spouse of Nuri Özaltın. The band “Tarık Sezer Orkestrası” offered an unforgettable musical feast to the guests at the gala dinner.
The highest-ranking contestants were presented their trophies at the end of the tournament which started on February 3 and was held at Turkey’s first ever “45-hole Golf Facility”, owned and designed in line with the international standards by Gloria Golf Club with the participation of 194 golfers from seven countries.


Here are the winners of “Nuri Özaltın Memorial Golf Trophy”:

Nuri Özaltın Honor Award

Steve Brooks

Men’s Category A

Bernd Brosdorf

Roman Rastvortsev

Steve Brooks

Volodymyr Tsoi

Men’s Category B

Slobodan Mihajlovic

Dieter Warnecke

Oleksandar Yurchenko

Gary Freeth

Ladies’ Category A

Manuela Linder

Svetlana Prescher

Tamara Antimonova

Rosemarie Bohner

Ladies’ Category B

Gudrun Brosdorf

Anna Bushynska

Lynn Hepworth

Selen Neidl