2019 Sebahat Özaltın Ladies Golf Tournament Draws to a Close

Held by Özaltın Holding, “Sebahat Özaltın Ladies Golf Tournament” ended after the award ceremony. Seventy golfers from seven countries competed at the tournament hosted at Gloria Golf Club in Belek Tourism Center.

Named after Özaltın Holding’s CEO Sebahat Özaltın, the tournament was held this year for the first time with the participation of golfers from Turkey, Ukraine, Britain, Germany, Russia, Austria and Sweden. Beyhan Benardete came out first by scoring 72 gross in the Gross category. Daria Horokhovska ranked second with 67 points and Elvira Rastvorseva third with 64 points. The winners of the categories A, B and C were Beyhan Benardete with 79 points, Veronika Rastvorseva with 76 points and Olena Teslenko with 79 points, respectively.

An award ceremony was held at the end of the tournament. The trophies were presented to the winners by Özaltın Holding’s CEO Sebahat Özaltın, and Board Members Yunus Özaltın, Elif Özdemir and Melis Özaltın.