15th July Golf Tournament in Belek

Belek Tourism Center, Antalya hosted a golf tournament to commemorate 15th July Democracy and National Unity Day.
The second of the annual tournament took place as part of the 15th July Democracy and National Unity Day events in Kaya Palazzo Golf Club in Belek Tourism Center with the collaboration of Governorship of Serik and Taurus Golf Club. The champion, Deniz Çuha was followed by Süleyman Akay and Sadık Volkan. The highest ranking golfers among the 40 participants were presented their trophies by Governor Haluk Şimşek.
Having spoken at the ceremony, Governor Şimşek said “We remember and endeavor to keep alive the memory of the treacherous coup attempt through these events. We aim to keep the events and truth of 15th July alive in people’s minds. We ought to remember that day. Should we forget, we help those traitors to muster up the courage to reattempt treason. Therefore, we need to keep the memory of the night of 15th July in our people’s minds. We are grateful to and commemorating those who fell.”