Local Cuisine

Antalya cuisine bears traces of many cultures. The Cretans, the Yuruks and the Arabs still surviving in the city have a rich culture cuisine instilled in the gastronomy of Antalya.

Antalya has the Mediterranean climate and many types of vegetables and fruits grow in the region. Therefore, cuisine of the city is dominated by vegetable dishes. In Antalya, generally healthy and Vitamin C-packed meals are prepared using vegetables and fruits. Additionally, olive oil produced in the region is one of the most important element in the cuisine of Antalya.

The most popular meals in the cuisine of Antalya include Taratorlu Piyaz (haricot bean salad with tarator sauce), Hülüklü Soup (regional wedding soup), Toros Salad (salad with sumac and pomegranate syrup), Zerde (rice pudding with saffron), Tandoori Kebab, Hibeş (appetizer with tahini, cumin, red pepper flakes and lemon juice), Pumpkin Dessert with Tahini, Spread Pastry, and Citrus and Bergamot Jam.