Natural Wonder of the Mediterranean: Belek

You are invited to an enjoyable holiday in Belek, offering a visual feast amongst the most beautiful shades of green with fascinating mountain tops, stone pines, eucalyptus trees and rivers. As one of the popular destinations with its lively natur...

Land of Myths: Belek

Belek is in the middle of a region which is a rich water basin known as Pamphylia in the ancient era. Pamphylia means “place of all races”, and as its name suggests, it is a significant geography since ages. Researches in Pamphylia show that civil...

Garden of Tolerance Three Religions in One Place: Garden of Tolerance

Belek is a rich and unique destination in sociological sense in addition to its natural richness. The most explicit example for this is the Garden of Tolerance serving guests from all around the world with different religious and denominational backgrounds, in...

Safety A Peaceful and Safe Destination: Belek

Security services in the region are provided by Belek and Kadriye Police Stations under Serik District Police Department. In addition, 147 surveillance cameras, 18 mobile cameras, 12 ground patrols, 3 marine patrols and a security staff of 82 people are in pla...