One of the best golf places in Europe.

Because of its first-class facilities designed by world-famous golf architects and golf course varieties, Belek is the right address for golf fans. As a global golf destination, Belek offers a chance of playing golf throughout the year with 10 golf clubs and 15 golf courses at international standards.

Having the first illuminated golf course in Europe, Belek was awarded as The Best Golf Region of The Year by International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) in 2008 for premium features.

Belek hosts more than 600 thousand games in a year as an ideal option for golf players with luxurious accommodation facilities besides favorable climate conditions, annual temperature average as 19 degrees and 300 sunny days. Luxurious hotels near various golf courses make Belek an ideal destination for golf players, where they can explore new courses anytime they wish.

In Belek, you can stay at high-capacity hotels that reflect natural beauty of the southern coasts by playing golf while enjoying the sea and nature at the same time.