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Antalya’s Famous Piyaz

Antalya’s piyaz (haricot bean salad) is only one of the delicacies that cross the boundaries of Antalya with a history of almost a century… Piyaz was developed and gained reputation in Antalya, and has turned into a local taste that every visitor definitely tries.

Antalya’s piyaz is a haricot bean dish with tarator sauce. While varieties of piyaz are eaten as salad in other regions, it is preferred as a main dish in Antalya and its districts. Piyaz earns its distinguished taste with small beans and abundant tarator sauce on the top.

Antalya-style piyaz was officially registered by the Turkish Patent Institute in 2017 and took its place among the products with geographical indication. You can try this local taste in Belek or Antalya city center during your visit in Belek. The restaurants Piyazcı Sami, Piyazcı Ahmet, 7 Mehmet, Arap Nazmi, Özdoyum Restoran and Aksu Şimşek Köfte serve the best examples of famous Piyaz of Antalya