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Perge Ancient City

Believed to survive in the Hittite era and known as “Parha”, Perge was one of the most organized cities of Anatolia in the Roman period. Located between Düden and Aksu rivers on 18 km east of Antalya, Perge is at 30 km distance to Belek.It was exempt from the suppressions and plunders of pirates thanks to its location away from the seaside. Thus, there were no stagnations in its development process. Like Side, Perge also made a deal with Alexander the Great in 334 AD. This way, the city did not go through wars and devastation. The city lived through Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods.

Its theater with a capacity of 15,000 people was built in the 2nd century AD. The stadium right next to the theater has an audience capacity of 12,000 people. Except for the one in Aphrodisias in the Aegean region, this is the best preserved stadium. Beneath the seats of stadium, there are 30 rooms which are thought to be used as shops.

Perge is a very important city also for Christianity. St. Paul, one of the most important figures in Christianity, followed Aksu River during his missionary journeys. The city and the river are accepted as sacred places of Christianity as they are mentioned in the Bible.

Several statues and works of art have been found in recent excavations. Worth-seeing parts of Perge include its gates, Agora, Nymphaeum, columned streets, graveyard, Basilica and Acropolis.

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