As one of the most beautiful caves in Turkey, Dim Cave is at 120 km distance to Belek. Close to the east slope of Dim Creek Valley, picnic center of Alanya, Dim Cave is at 232 m above sea level. The cave was uncovered in 1986 and introduced to visitors in 1998.

Dim Cave formed by dissolving of limestones alongside the direction of north-south. The cave dried as water level went deeper with the deepening of the valley of Dim Creek. Volume expansion continued in consequence of the falling of boulders from ceiling and walls in the periods after hydrological activity ended. During this development, waters leaking from ceiling and walls formed stalactites, stalagmites, pillars and pennant and shelly limestones covering the walls.

Dim Cave Enterprise was accepted as a member of “International Show Caves Association” (ISCA) on October 24, 2002. Dim Cave was opened to tourism by private enterprise in Turkey, and is the first and only cave operated by contemporary methods according to the rules of International Show Caves Association (ISCA).

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