Women’s National Wheelchair Basketball Teams are on Camp in Belek

Women’s A National and Under 25 Wheelchair Basketball Teams began camping at Belek Tourism Center for preparations for the 2020 European Championship. 

18 athletes of the Wheelchair Basketball Super League, 1st League and regional leagues from different regions, attended the camp.

In a statement to an AA reporter, Vice President of the Wheelchair Basketball Branch of the Turkish Sports Federation for the Physically Disabled (TBESF), Önder Yurdagül mentioned that they were conducting the second camp activities before the European Championship, and said: “Preparation camps will continue on various dates.”

Pointing out that they implemented a rejuvenation policy and brought the average age of the team down by 2-3 years, the Head Coach of the Women’s A National Wheelchair Basketball Team, Murat Saltan said: “We’re heading towards the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games under a preparation like a 5-year development plan”. 

The camp will end on January 14.