Tourism Suppliers and Purchasing Managers Met in Belek

Organized for the fifth time this year by the Turkish Hotel Purchasing Managers Association (TÜRSAD), the "Meeting that Adds Value to the Industry" program opened its doors with 278 domestic and foreign participating companies.

During the program held in a hotel in Belek Tourism Center, tourism suppliers and purchasing managers came together.

Within the scope of the meeting, where 278 domestic and foreign companies participated and a transaction volume of approximately 30 billion TL was targeted, sector stakeholders had bilateral contacts.

TÜRSAD Chairman of the Board Ali Bilal Ardıç, in his speech here, reminded that there is a supply problem all over the world due to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic.

Ardıç stated that despite the problem in the world, there was no such concern in Turkey and said, "We felt the impact of the supply problem, which started all over the world due to the epidemic, at the minimum level with the efforts of our solution partners in our region. We did not experience any problems, especially in Antalya, the capital of tourism. Therefore, I would like to thank you on behalf of my entire industry. Thank you once again." he said.

The program will continue for four days with talks with industry stakeholders.