Tour of Antalya Was Very Exciting

The race, which started with the Antalya lap starting on February 20 with 29 teams and 173 athletes from 23 countries, continued with the Kemer-Antalya lap on the 2nd day. 3. The athletes, who started from Etaba Aspendos Ancient Theater, completed the difficult lap in Termessos Ancient City. The Tour of Antalya ended with the Side-Antalya lap of 136.8 kilometers run on February 23. Tim Merlier from Alpecin Fenix Team won the lap with 2 hours 57 minutes 31 seconds.Filipe Fortin from the Felbermary Team came in 2nd, while Frederik Dombrovski from Team Aid received the 3th.In the general individual classification; Although Max Stedman from Canyon DHB Team could not win the lap, he won the Tour of Antalya and became the champion of 2020. Alpecin-Fenix became the champion of Tour Of Antalya in the general team classification.

Sprint Bonus Results

The sprint premium, which was sponsored by Diana Travel on the 49.2 km of the stage, was distributed among the following athletes:

1- Martin Toft Madsen of the BHS Peloton Team

2- Andrew Tennat of the Canyon DHB Team

3- Kenneth Van Rooy of the Sport Vlaanderan Baloise Team

Natural Beauty Bonus Results

The last bonus gate was passed at 116.6 km of the lap. The Natural Beauty Bonus sponsored by Fraport TAV Antalya Airport was distributed among the following athletes. Thus, green jersey points were also shared. The results are as follows:

1- Maxime De Poorter of the Tartoletto Isorex Team,

2- Vitali Buts of the Ukrainian National Team

3- Luc Wirtgen from the Bingoal Wallone Bruxelles Team

After the gate was passed, the big race started for the last 10 kilometers. The eyes are now turned into athletes who will win the lap and race. Before the finish line, the collective group also had an unfortunate accident. Tim Merlier from Alpecin-Fenix Team was the first to cross the finish line.