IronMan 70.3 Excitement at Belek

The countdown has begun for the excitement of Ironman 70.3 Turkey which will be held at Antalya, Belek for the 5th time this year.

Two thousand athletes from 84 countries will participate in the competition which will be held on November 2-3, 2019 and is sponsored by The Land of Legends. With this organization, Belek will host 5 thousand people including the athletes as well as their families and friends in November. 

Having become one of the most popular competitions in the world, “Ironman 70.3 Turkey” is organized under the venue sponsorship of The Land of Legends, and by TURSET PM, which is the organizer of the largest sporting events in our country, such as Wings for life and Runatolia.

Athletes will push the limits

A competition focused on strength, will and crossing the finish line, “Ironman 70.3 Turkey” will host two thousand athletes from 84 countries this year. Athletes who will compete with each other in the branches of swimming, running and cycling, will not only compete with each other but also push their own limits. The competition of approximately 2 thousand athletes will start off with swimming at Kadriye Beachpark. Athletes who complete the swimming course will then complete the cycling track and finally, the running track to end the competition at The Land of Legends.

A tourism event of five thousand people

Ironman 70.3 Turkey, during which an incredible competition will take place, will bring action to Belek in November which is one of the most beautiful months at Antalya. One of the most special and beautiful destinations of Antalya, Belek will become more colorful with the performances of the athletes. The competition will not only contribute to tourism during the off-season of Antalya, but will also provide a significant level of support to the promotion of the region and the image of the country. The accompanying families and friends of the athletes will also come to Belek to give moral support to the athletes and also have a holiday. The athletes and their families who will be coming to Antalya one week prior to the competition have been making reservations at six different 5-star hotels. Going to Belek only for Ironman 70.3 Turkey, approximately 5 thousand people including athletes will be creating a tourism movement in Belek.

Little IronMan

Children in the age group of 4-12 will also compete in Ironman 70.3 Turkey. Ironkids, in which over 500 local and foreign young athletes will be competing on November 2, 2019, aims to attract children to sports and show the importance of competition.

Stating that they organized a race that is full of excitement at Belek with Ironman 70.3 Turkey, TURSET PM CEO, Özgür Emeklioğlu said that the competition, in which strength and will is at the forefront, brought a significant action to Antalya and Belek.

Emeklioğlu said: “This year’s competition, which will be the 5th one, will make an important contribution to the promotion of Antalya and Belek as well as sports. Sports is an important instrument that connects people, promotes places, and allows people to travel and communicate. Ironman 70.3 Turkey became an indispensable organization of Antalya at this point. With its growing structure every year, Ironman 70.3 Turkey once again promises hours of competition, ambition and adrenaline.”