International Celebrities Football Festival at Belek

A total of six foreign and Turkish teams are competing at the festival which is held at the football field of the organizer of the festival, Calista Luxury Resort, which is located at the Belek Tourism Center. Speaking about the tournament, Calista Luxury Resort CEO Ali Kızıldağ said that they were holding the tournament for the fourth time this year.

Stating that they will conventionally hold the tournament in the coming years by inviting football stars from different countries to Turkey, and bringing these legendary football players together in this organization, Kızıldağ said that their goal in the long run is to ensure that the tournament is used for broader purposes in the promotion of both the region and the sports tourism.

Stating that the weather and atmosphere was beautiful, the participants were very happy and that there was an incredible level of satisfaction, Kızıldağ said:

“There are currently six teams in the tournament. But this number can be raised.  We plan to raise this number up to more than 10, or even 20 teams. We have the field capabilities that are required for this. Technical infrastructure and sponsorships must also be organized. We’ll take this tournament to higher levels with various grants.”

Participating in the tournament, the former football player from Galatasaray, Albert Riera said that he had such a nice time at Galatasaray in Turkey, and that he still followed Galatasaray.

Pointing out that he had great memories of Galatasaray, Riera said: “They are having a very difficult season. I believe in them. I have the utmost faith that Fatih Terim will do his best. I think better things are going to happen. I’m still in touch and speaking with Fatih Terim and his assistants. I’m also communicating with other employees at the club. Although not as often as it used to be, I hope there will be other opportunities in the future for me to help them.”

The German national football player, Kevin Kuranyi; a player of the Spanish national football team and a former Real Madrid player Haizka Mendieta; the Spanish national football player Albert Riera and other players including the Chairman of Calista Luxury Resort, Ali Özdoğan and the CEO of Calista Luxury Resort, Ali Kızıldağ attended the tournament.

Played under league rules among six teams, the tournament will end with an award ceremony on October 12.