Archers are getting ready for Olympic Games in Belek.

Turkish archers who has attended to 2020 Olympics Game Preparatory Camp that's coordinated in Antalya by Turkish Archery Federation are performing an intense 10-hour workout in a day.

12 national athletes participated in the camp held in Gloria Sports Arena in Belek Tourism Center. Turkish archers have the opportunity to see the situation of their opponents by working with teams from different countries in the camp.

Archery National Teams Manager Göktuğ Ergin said that the 2020 Olympic Games Prep Camp started in October last year and still continues.

Ergin, who said that they had completed the last camp of the general preparatory period, said, "We have realized our physical strength and endurance training with our athletes. We will start to apply seasonal preparations and performance-based training methods. Europe's leading teams such as Germany, England, France continued to work with us. We also organized multinational camps.''

Binary Camp with England National Team

Ergin said that they are currently doing a double camp with the England National Team and that they will continue their work until February 24.

Ergin stated that they will finish their general preparatory period on February 24 and continue their studies at the 100th Year Archery Facilities in Antalya on February 29.

Ergin continued as follows: "Our national team now consists of 6 male and 6 female athletes in the classical bow. We completed the past year with 29 medals in the international arena. We are continuing our efforts to represent our country in the best way in the Olympics we will attend."

The first quota competition of 2020 is in Antalya

Ergin stated that the first quota competition of the 2020 Olympic Games will be held in Antalya on May 20-26.

Ergin said "At the Open Air European Championship, we have a chance to quota a woman and a man here." and he continued as follows: 

"A month after this event in Antalya, we will compete in both women and men team quota competition in Berlin on 21-28 June. Here we are doing double and triple camps with many of our competitors. When we go to Antalya on February 29, our athletes will be fully prepared in terms of both strength and endurance. "

Ergin emphasized that it was pleasing that no disability has been experienced so far.

Pointing out that the training program is heavy, Ergin said, "Our athletes both shoot arrows and work at the top level in addition to shooting arrows for about 10 hours a day. With the renewal practices we have done at the end of the training, we have managed our athletes to come without any disability so far. I believe I will spend this year in the best way.''

Kocakaya: ''I think they will be make the Turkey proud.''

Deputy General Manager who visit the 2020 Olympic Games Preparation Camp of Sports Murat Kocakaya said that the archery national team has achieved significant successes recently.

Underlining that multi-disciplinary national teams are in the archery branch, Kocakaya made the following assessment:

"Last year, they lost the Olympic quota with little difference. They are now working for the Olympic quota and medal. The last period of the camp. I came here to visit them on behalf of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The pace of work looks very good. I am extremely pleased with the level I see today. I hope Our team will be much better until the quota competition. ''