Anne Marie Presents A Second Feast for the Ears in Antalya Belek

Having given an unforgettable concert to her audience last year as part of Regnum Live in Concert Series, Anne Marie has again presented a breathtaking performance this year at Regnum Carya stage. 

Anne Marie visited our country last year taking stage in Regnum Live in Concert Series. Having kept her promise to come next year, she met with her fans at the Regnum Carya stage this year. Following her concert at Regnum Carya stage last year, she stated that she wanted to visit our country again thanks to the admiration of her audience and fun time she spent in Antalya. Taking stage for the second time in Antalya, she sang all her hit songs with the audience that watched the concert. 

Having grabbed the attention of all world with the musical success she has gained at an early age and in a short time, Anne Marie managed to be one of the most popular figures of the recent years with the important music awards she received and her record-breaking video clips on digital platforms. 

As a fan of Turkey, Anne Marie preferred to stay in Antalya for vacation for a few days more after her concert that was full of music and entertainment. 

Rocking the house with her repertoire consisting of lilts at Regnum Carya stage, Anne Marie raised the energy with the songs Ciao Adios and Rockabye followed by Friends carrying everyone to the peak of entertainment. Marie presented a very good performance again with her powerful voice, sympathetic character and dynamic energy. Stating that she will have a mini vacation in Antalya after the concert, the beautiful star said: “I’ve been hosted splendidly for the second time in Antalya. Thank you for your hospitality.” Concert was attended by adults as well as children. As one of the invitees, Tuba Ünsal watched the concert with her son Mert and daughter Sare.    

Held by the Regnum Carya for the second time this summer presenting world stars, Regnum Live in Concert Series ended with the British pop singer Anne Marie. Regnum Live in Concert Series will continue next year with new concerts that will mark the summer of 2020.