3-Cushion Billiards World Cup Was Held in Belek

The 3-Cushion Billiards World Cup, which started on February 17 at the Limak Atlantis Deluxe Hotel in Belek Tourism Center, ended with the final struggles on February 23.

Antalya World Cup, the first World Cup stage of 2020, started with Murat Naci Multi - Dick Jaspers semi-final match on the final day. The semi-final struggle, which started at 11:00 in the morning, ended under the leadership of Dutch athlete Dick Jaspers. Murat Naci Multiple lost 19 cue 50-23 to against Jaspers and took his place in the third rostrum.

Another semi-final match between Dani Sanchez - Haeng-Jik Kim resulted in favor of Dani Sanchez with 50-48 points in 24 cue.

The final match between Dani Sanchez and Dick Jaspers was breathtaking. Dick Jaspers, who beat Turkish athlete Murat Naci Multiple in the semi-final, could not perform the same against Dani Sanchez in the final. Spanish athlete Dani Sanchez won the final game with a score of 50-35 in 28 cue and made his name on the championship in the first stage of 2020.

Dani Sanchez said after the finale: "I really wanted to win this tournament after my father's death and my shoulder injury. I have been in Antalya for 12 days and we played for two championships. It was a great pleasure to receive gold medals in two championships. and it is an honor to be among the best athletes again. "