Ironman 70.3 Turkey
Belek is the new host of IRONMAN organizations that were warmly welcomed in 92 different cities of the world! Held for the first time in 2015 with the excellent landscape of Belek, the organization arouse great admiration in the sports environment. The most important reasons for this admiration include the fact that Belek has geographical properties that are perfectly compatible with almost all sport branches, and that the hospitality of tourism professionals in Belek is shown to all athletes. Ironman 70.3 Turkey is a visual adventure that combines the competition with all richness of Belek, primarily the Mediterranean sea. Almost 2,500 athletes from 60 countries had joined the last competition, and it is comprised of 1.9-km swim, 90.2-km bicycle ride and 21.1-km run. Hosting professionals of all ages, the race includes a female participation rate at almost 25%. A thousand volunteers assist the athletes during the races in the organization which is a feast of sports for the entire Belek region. Besides the excellent synergy created in the sport world by Ironman 70.3 Turkey, an audience of tens of thousands of people and events dedicated to them are also worth to see. Belek invites you to experience the inspiring synergy of health and sports.