NATO Foreign Ministers Summit
Inspiring the G20 summit, NATO Foreign Ministers Summit took place in a discreet and peaceful environment which is not familiar to the world press. With this successful event, Belek took its place among the iconic destinations which have the capacity of global hosting. Mr. Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, was the host of the meetings which took 2 days. In the organization which stumbled on spring season, the most matchless time of Belek, the town was highly praised by all esteemed politicians. In addition to NATO and the authorized broadcasting organization TRT, all media organizations of the world worked in the field while the sessions and live events were broadcasted simultaneously all over the world. Hitting the peak with its unique natural beauty and high-quality facilities, Belek showed that the town was always ready for global testings through its technological competence and conveniences provided to all communication units which fulfilled an international mission. Around fifty country representatives spoke the peaceful and trusting Mediterranean language of Belek for two days. Belek will continue to be a heaven where everybody who take responsibility for world peace puts signature on flawless, positive and friendly decisions.