Altis Resort Hotel & Spa

Altis Resort Hotel 80 acres of pine forests in the area where they can sunbathe face with their guests, the location service vermektedir.tesisi our family while serving with mixed pool and the beach you can have fun swim together men and women individually designed swimming pool in family values ​​and mind your privacy .muhafazak having the largest general area of ​​the hotel industry Altis Resort Hotel, rich buffet, standard room, even in the family room comfort, offering the spaciousness and the family room consists of two separate rooms, family-friendly service hotel concept vermektedir.altis Resort Hotel designed for men and women separately Turkish Bath,with steam rooms and massage rooms offer a holiday opportunity you can take the burden of the whole year.

Altis Resort Hotel & Spa Taşlıburun Mevkii, 07505 Belek-Antalya-Türkiye
0242 530 0303